Mexican Mural Movement

Jose Clemente Orozco was a Mexican painter who lived from 1883-1949. Orozco studied art at the San Carlos Academy for Fine Arts in Mexico City. Orozco lived in Mexico and witnessed some political and social turbulent times. Orozco even lost his right hand and partial eye sight in an experiment at his school in Mexico City! In his work Orozco emphasizes the social ideas and social realities that existed in Mexico.

This painting is called Prometheus and was painted by Jose Clemente Orozco in California at the Pomona College in 1930. This painting depicts the pain and suffering that Orozco saw in the lives of Mexican people. The picture has a very pessimistic view point, because Orozco made mass crowds of suffering. From Prometheus the viewer can see people extending in both directions without end: this represents how pain and history will never stop in the world. I like this painting, because Orozco is able to paint with amazing detail and captures the faces and emotion of the people.

This painting is called The Trench and was painted by Jose Clemente Orozco in Mexico City at the National Preparatory School in 1926. The people in the picture have ammunition on them and are in obvious pain. I like this painting because it is able to show the horrors of war, but there is not very much gore or emotion in the painting. The colors are rather dark and all of the faces of the victims of war are hidden. With no faces showing the audience has the ability to visualize the emotions even more painful than the artist may have painted them.

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  1. bneika says:

    You picked some really nice pictures. You did a great job describing them and letting us know about the artist.

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