Baroque: Peasant Wedding

Peasant Wedding

Peter Bruegel the Elder

1568 Vienna

There is an element of simpleness and cheerfulness in Peasant Wedding that I really like. I love the rich colors and lighting that characterize this piece as Baroque. I am also curious if the triangle composition is present in this piece like the triangle appeared in still life paintings. I noticed a lighter triangle area that encompasses the man in the blue shirt and his tray-is this coincidence? It is also interesting that this piece is about a wedding, but there is no one in particular who really stands out as a bride or groom (I assume the women with clasped hands and shut eyes is the bride). The focus of the artwork is also not a couple or the religious promises they make, but rather the celebration of family, friends, and community. The painting shows everyone sitting together around the table as one happy group, symbolic of the union of a couple forming one happy family.

Peasant Wedding by Peter Bruegel emphasizes the theme of the rise of the merchant class during the Baroque era. This art piece demonstrates the shift of artists work from showing the wealthy/royal class to representing the common average Joe. This painting represents the merchant class in many ways from the colors of clothing, the style of seating and eating together, and even the dog under the table or the child eating on the floor. I love the colors and lighting in this painting that make the picture so appealing to the eye.


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