Northern Renaissance: Primavera

Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi


This painting depicts several mythological characters including Venus, Cupid, and Mercury. The painting appeals to me with the emphasis placed on the figures rather than the forest. This shows the shift to humanism with the emphasis placed on the people and not on the forest which appears rather dull and minor in the background. “The Central theme of the Primavera is one of love and marriage… hung in the bedroom of a bride” to signify fertility ( I find it very fascinating to think about being a newlywed and seeing this painting every night- frank in-laws! This painting also shows how influential the Medici family was in the arts, as it not only was commissioned by the Medici family, but it hung in the bedroom of “a bride to a member of the Medici family” ( The artist even chose the mythological scene to please the Medici family per their request.
The Primavera is an elegant and beautiful example of the influence of the Medici family as well as the appearance of Humanism in art. The painting has a light tone to it and is almost dainty and hopeful. It is dainty in the way the women seem to be light on their feet as well as lightly clothed in color and appearance. It has a hopeful theme and feeling in the way the women seem to be content and hopeful for love. The women figures are rather oblivious to the other characters which would suppose the minor role they have in choosing a companion.


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1 Response to Northern Renaissance: Primavera

  1. enmayak says:

    “Primavera” is one of my favorite paintings of its time. It has such strong imagery and clearly depicts the good and bad on either side of Venus. Although I agree with the facts presented by the writer of this blog, I do feel as though the writer over looked the evil distinctly lurking on the right side of the portrait. To me the work shows either Venus amongst mankind and how there is both light and dark on Earth or it shows more of a metaphorical concept of Venus watching the development of the spirit of spring (from right to left). The latter concept is one that many embrace as what the portrait is depicting. The writer of the blog earned all points based on the criteria. The only question I have is how the writer in this blog interprets the dark figure grabbing the woman in the corner.

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