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Artists of the Impressionistic age created some beautiful pieces. The thick and loose brush strokes make the paint vibrant and the colors rich. The brush strokes give the painting a very relaxing and soothing feeling. Many of the art pieces … Continue reading

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Classical & Rococo Era

Symphony 29 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart April 1774 Salzburg (Austria) Symphony 29 is one of Mozart’s beautiful pieces of classical music. It is written in four movements: Allegro moderato, andante, menuetto, and allegro con spirito. Mozart would have been 18 when … Continue reading

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Baroque: Peasant Wedding

Peasant Wedding Peter Bruegel the Elder 1568 Vienna There is an element of simpleness and cheerfulness in Peasant Wedding that I really like. I love the rich colors and lighting that characterize this piece as Baroque. I am also curious … Continue reading

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Northern Renaissance: Primavera

Primavera by Sandro Botticelli Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi 1480 This painting depicts several mythological characters including Venus, Cupid, and Mercury. The painting appeals to me with the emphasis placed on the figures rather than the forest. This shows the shift … Continue reading

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